Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sally Hansen Remover Pads

So we all know how much I love to paint my nails by now. When I would be out or at work I would randomly get bored with my polish and start biting the color off .Yes I have issues. When I was in Target I came across these Sally Hansen nail polish remover pads. WHY HASNT ANYONE EVER TOLD ME ABOUT THESE!?!? I was so excited that I got in the car and took my nail polish off. This is a pad that is drenched in nail polish remover. It didn't really smell as bad as regular remover. It took me no joke like two seconds to take the polish off of each finger. It is so quick and affective I LOVE IT! This will defiantly be in my purse at all times!

Down point-There are only 8 pads in a pack. I got this for $4.70 from Target.

 When I am home and I am able to take my polish off I use Sally Hansen nail polish remover and any brand of cotton balls. The remover is $2.99 at a drug store, and the cotton balls can be as low at $1.99.

*When all else fails, paint your nails <3 

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