Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Miss product episode #2

My girlfriend swore by the Daily Cream Facial Cleanser from Yes to Carrots. I was so hyped to try this. I think I forgot to ask her what kind of skin she had. This cleanser is for DRY skin, something I defiantly don't have. I have VERY VERY VERY OILY and acne prone skin. This was defiantly not for me. It broke me out. After I would use it, it made my face feel tight and that I needed to put about 10 pounds of moisturizer on. I do love how this companies products are 96% natural, paraffin free and petroleum free.

They do have a line called Say Yes to Tomatoes. This line is more targeted towards oily and acne prone skin.
They also have Say Yes to Cucumbers. This line is targeted towards irritated skin, is gentle, and soothes skin. 
Moral of the story... Get whats right for your skin type! 

*When all else fails, paint your nails <3


  1. These look so cool! I want to give these a try!

    Thanks so much for dropping by the Be-Bop-A Blog Hop! I'm a follower and I hope you'll stop by again soon! Have a great day! :)

  2. I like your motto 'when all else fails paint your nails'. My daughter just had a c-section so I think I'll go paint her nails for her! lol

  3. Becky you definatly should.... A pretty color always makes someone feel better! I hope your daughter feels better! and congrats