Monday, February 28, 2011

February Favorites...

So these are products that I have been using religiously for the month of February (In no order)...

  • Coralista blush by Benifit. I have been using this ever since the weather started getting a little nicer every other day here in NY. It's the perfect coral color with a pinch of shimmer. The perfect summer blush.
  • MAC 116 brush has become my go to blush brush this month. It seems to distribute the color evenly and just the right amount onto your cheek. Don't know why I stopped using it. 
  • MAC's Naked Honey Skin Salve is sadly discontinued. I purchased mine at a CCO outlet store. It instantly moisturized and helps recondition dry skin. You can use this on any part of your body. I mainly use it on my lips. I also put it on my knuckles and cuticles that get very dry. AMAZING.
  • Fill The Gap! By Essie. Greatest base coat I ever used in my life. Mind you I never used a base coat in my life. Its perfect and makes your nails smooth and ready for a pretty color. 
  • Bobbi Brown Corrector (bisque) and Concealer (Warm Ivory). I do have dark circles but they aren't that bad. This corrector and concealer is amazing. It just brightens up my under eye like no other. You put the corrector on first to neutralize the purple or blue tones under your eye, then put the concealer to brighten your eyes and bye bye dark circles! 
  • Make Up Forever Full cover concealer in 5. I use this everyday no matter what, to cover up those nasty pimples. YUCK! This will cover up your worst imperfections dark scars and pimples the most important. 
  • YSL Rouge Volupte 2. I have fallen in love with YSL lip products. They smell amazing, they last a long time, and they look amazing. The color I have is like the perfect nude. ITS PURE LOVE!
  • Fit Me! Foundation and powder in 120. I have been using this foundation everyday. It's the perfect your skin foundation. Decent coverage. It's your skin but better foundation, and I love that. Something that looks natural. 
  • Cetaphil Daily moisturizer SPF15. I am still on the hunt for a good moisturizer but this will do for now. It is light weight and non-greasy. 
*When all else fails, paint your nails <3

The Oscar for best makeup goes to.......

My first choice for best makeup is...... 

Reese Witherspoon...
Beautiful and classic. A very natural look. Nothing was overdone but nothing is understated. 
She is naturally beautiful and this makeup look just enhanced her natural beauty. 

Second choice is....

Sandra Bullock...
Another natural beauty. Everything is very beautiful and simple, all to compliment her beautiful red lip. Sandra always has perfect brows in my opinion. Her makeup is never over the top and that is a good signature look to have.

Third look goes to...

Mila Kunis...
She pulled off a beautiful smokey eye with a natural lip and face. She has a very fresh young look to her and her makeup was amazing. 

Fourth runner up...

Jennifer Hudson...
Trying to ignore the fact that she looks freakin amazing during her transformation, her makeup was on point! She looks beautiful and stunning. I love the light she has coming from her under eye. Very beautiful and natural and her smile is amazing! 

Worst makeup goes to only one...
Oprah Winfrey...
I couldn't find a good picture of her makeup. If you saw the Oscars you know what I am talking about. Her makeup artist forgot to conceal her under eyes. Whats up with that? Bags or no bags concealer does wonders... 

Those are my pics and opinions on the Oscars makeup 2011 

*When all else fails, paint your nails <3 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

YSL obsession

Did some YSL shopping so of course now I am OBSESSED! 
This is from their new spring collection. All I got from the collection was this beautiful pallet.

#2 ($56.00)

This is my first YSL pallet and the colors are beautiful. Easy to work with. Very Very pigmented.
I love the highlighter in the middle, It is perfect for all the colors. 
Online is looks more purple but it's not that purple.
The shades range from matt to shimmer so its perfect combination. 
The shadows are very silky and when you put them on they seem very luminous, I love that.

I also got one lipstick and one lipgloss. 

Top swatch is the lipstick-Rouge Pur Couture in number 11-color Rose Carnation. ($30.00)
Bottom swatch is lipgloss-Golden Gloss in number 19-color Golden Petal ($30.00)

YSL lipsticks and lipgloss's smell AMAZING! 
I put them both on in the store then left with them on and went about my day. They stayed on for at least two hours. They are very long lasting and beautiful. 
The packaging is very luxurious. 
The lipstick is more matt but when adding the lipgloss I got on top it gives it a beautiful shimmer. The perfect amount of shimmer nothing over load.

Peony & Python Palette by Bobbi Brown

Thanks to my beautiful cousin Eleni who got me hooked on Bobbi Brown, I am now shopping for Bobbi Brown products every chance I get.
I have a Bobbi Brown counter at my local Macys and Lord & Taylor. 

"This collection is inspired by my favorite flower-  peonies. Paired with grey, its a modern take on spring beauty. " - Bobbi Brown

Cobra- Plum Orchid- Eclipse 
Opal- Lavender- Cool Ivory

 All these colors are so beautiful and pigmented. Not to mention the packaging is super cute! 
This pallet has the perfect combination of colors. 
The colors combined or alone can create a very wearable daytime look, but add the darker shades and can be a dramatic night time look. 
Good combinations of shimmer and matt colors. 
This pallet goes for $50.00
 I highly recommend this pallet for people who want one go to pallet maybe to take on vacation or carry in their handbags. The pallet also comes with two cute Bobbie Brown mini brushes 

*When all else fails, paint your nails <3

Saturday, February 26, 2011


I have recently been obsessed with Bobbi Brown products and Bobbi Brown herself. I was browsing around Barnes & Nobles when I came across some Bobbie Brown books! I got so excited. I wanted them all!

I totally recommend this book for beginners or even people or are certified artist. This has really great information and tips and tricks that can benefit anyone and everyone! 

Some of the chapters are 
  1. Makeup Artistry
  2. Equipment 
  3. Skin
  4. Face
  5. Lips
  6. Eyes
  7. Ten-step guide to perfect makeup
  8. Special makeup application
  9. artistry 
  10. Essential equipment for professional 
  11. Advanced makeup application
  12. Memorable makeup moments & legends 

Every chapter gets very in detail about how to or what to use. Also helps you figure out your skin tone or what colors would look best with your eye color or eye shape. 

Bobbi Brown is such an inspirational woman. She started at the bottom and worked her way up. She is an amazing makeup artist and business woman. Very amazing and I admire her very much.

Friday, February 25, 2011

I have been featured in Smile with me Saturday BLOG HOP!

First off, smile with me :) You made it through another week and deserve a big smile. You've got the whole weekend ahead of you so make it a good one!

This week it's Maria from My Obsession of the Week!!

I asked Maria a few questions about herself and her blog so you could get to know a little bit about her.

1) When did you first start blogging? Why?
I started blogging a few months ago. I started because I love makeup. I have so many good (and not so good) products that I wanted to share with people. I like to get my opinion out and if it helps someone use a better foundation in the mist of it I'm happy!

2) What's your favorite part about blog hopping?
My favorite part of blog hopping is meeting new people and seeing what their interests and opinions are.

3) What's your favorite hobby
I love to do freelance makeup as a hobby. I love to play makeup with my girlfriends. Just have them over and create a beautiful face. Makeup is my huge hobby.

4) Who's your role model?
My role model has to be my mom. She is just such a huge part of my life. She's my best friend and is just always there for me or anyone else in need. She is such a strong person and does whatever she can for her family and friends and I admire that about her so much.

Now that you know a bit about the Smiley Hopper of the week... get to hopping!

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Waxing Vs. Threading

-Used in Eastern countries, like Egypt and India. It has become very popular here. It removes the entire hair follicle, lasting up to 6 weeks.

How it works-A cotton thread is pulling against the unwanted hair in a twisting motion, traps the hair in the thread, and lifts the hair right out of the follicle. 

  • Much cleaner. Nothing but the thread touches your skin and its thrown away as soon as its done being used.
  • There are no chemicals being used. So if you get very badly irritated as some as my friends do by the wax itself this has nothing like that involved. 

Waxing-Removes hair using a wax product to remove entire hair follicle from the root. Can last up to 6 weeks.

Hot it works-A warm wax is spread over your hair (in the direction of the way your hair grows) and a paper strip is put on top of the warm wax and it softens out. Then you PULL and it removes your unwanted hair. 
  • Done very quickly 
  • Can easily be mastered by yourself at home 

I have done both. I don't only do my eyebrows but I also do my face. I am Greek and was "blessed" to be very hairy lol. When I would wax my face and my eyebrows my skin would get very very irritated and stay read for a few days. I wouldn't mind the pain because thats the only thing I knew would get rid of the hair, so I stuck with it.
Yesterday I went threading for the first time ever! I was so scared but thought what the heck let me give it a try. Fist off I fell in love with the girl who did it for me. She was so nice and made me feel very comfortable (for me thats a big factor). She threaded my eye brows that came out awesome. I asked her if they wax or do the threading for the face and she said it is up to me and whatever I decide. I decided to thread. Did not hurt as much as I thought. My face came out looking so smooth and clean. 
For me I am defiantly leaving waxing as a thing in the past. THREADING ALL THE WAY!

*When all else fails, paint your nails <3

Lady Gaga lipstick...

Lady GaGa's 2nd Viva Glam lipstick & lipgloss for MAC.
 For the second year in a row GaGa wants to make sure she is spreading the word for MAC's AIDS fund. Her newest shades a more wearable nude tone for everyone. The proceeds for any VIVA GLAM lipstick purchased at MAC go to MAC AIDS FUND. 

Lipstick Viva Glam GAGA 2-Light warm beige-$14.50
Lipglass Viva Glam GAGA 2-Light neutral pink beige-$14.50

I cant wait to get my hands on both of these! I have the first Lady Gaga lipstick more for collection purposes I don't really wear it to much, but this I think I would wear more often. 

*When all else fails, paint your nails <3

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chanel beauty wish list...

Chanel beauty wish list... 
Soleil Tan De Chanel ($48). 
Cream gel bronzer. I hear such good things about this bronzer and how it just makes your skin look sun-kissed and glowing from within. 

Mat Lumiere Fluide ($54)
I never tried a Chanel foundation. On the website it says this is perfect for combination skin. It is oil-free, and keeps your skin looking matte. It has Medium to build-able coverage. I would love to try this after I finish the three foundations I already have. 

Les Regards De Chanel shade 9 ($70).
A gorgeous neutral limited edition pallet. I am in love and need this in my life.
simple I NEED THIS! hehe 

Whats on your beauty wish list?

*When all else fails, paint your nails <3

Katy Perry + Nails = LOVE

Katy Perry and OPI have paired together to make fun and funky nail polish colors.
I got mine from Ulta for about $9 each.
from left to right the colors are;
Teenage Dream (a pink sparkle), Not Like the Movies (a silver green metallic), Last Friday Night ( a bold blue glitter), The One That Got Away ( a dark purple), and Black Shatter ( a top coat that creates a crackle texture). 

I have 3 out of the 5. I love love love Not Like the Movies. Cant get a good picture for you guys because in the light it looks so different even if you move an inch the color changes, and I love it. Teenage Dream that is the perfect glitter pink, and with two coats it looks amazing. Black Shatter I am still on the fence about. Maybe its just me not using it right but I don't get the right affect with it. If anyone knows the correct way to apply it or something I am doing wrong please leave a comment and let me know.

BTW... Who doesn't love Katy Perry... I mean come on!  

*When all else fails, paint your nails <3 

FIT ME 120

Just found my perfect drugstore foundation at CVS! Maybelline Fit Me! In 120.
The foundation claims to

  • Match natural skin tone
  • Blend semlessly
  • Lets skin breath 
I have been trying this foundation out for a few days now and I am in love! So far all three things that are claimed on the bottle are true!
My color is 120 in the foundation and in the pressed powder. I use the pressed powder to set the liquid foundation. This foundation gives my face a clean look, smoothes out my skin, and feels very light.
Fit Me! 120 liquid ($8.79)
Fit Me! 120 powder ($7.99)

This weeks CVS EXTRA BUCKS OFFERS Maybelline, buy 2 get $4 extra bucks back! So I now have $4.00 back to spend on any other beauty products.

*When all else fails, paint your nails <3

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hitting Pan episode #1

So "hitting pan" for a makeup lover is very VERY rare. The result of hitting pan comes with very big dilemma....Would I purchase this product again? A few products I hit pan on I would and some I wouldn't... HERE WE GO!

MAC Mineralized Skin-finish Natural in Medium (MAC $27.00)
 This is my holy grail product. This is like my third MSF. It's really amazing to wear on its own just as a very light coverage. I also use this everyday to set and liquid foundation I wear. This is a very light powder and it doesn't give me that cakey look. When I use this on its own I apply it with a kabuki brush (Sigma Buffer F45), but when I use it to set my foundation I use a big fluffy brush (my Sigma F20).

Nars Laguna Bronzer (Sephora $33.00)
Yes,yes I know this isn't really hitting pan but I was so excited to see the pan a little lol. This is my favorite bronzer and I would defiantly purchase this again in a heart beat. This is just the perfect color. I use it mostly for contour around my face to give me that sun kiss glow. It has some shimmer but it isn't over whelming. I defiantly recommend this for anything looking for a great bronzer. 

Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 (Sephora $22.50)
Ummm This was okay. It was a very expensive chap stick. I bought this honestly because of all the hype. It was good but wouldn't spend that money again on a chap stick. It does leave your lips feeling great and very moisturized. 

Benefit Boi-ing concealer 02 (Sephora $18.00)
This is a good creamy concealer. I wouldn't purchase this again only because I have found so many better products since I have  had this. It does cover very well. I didn't use it under my eye because It was hard to work with under my eye, I did however use it on my acne spots. It does cover very well. 

Check out the brushes I mentioned from Sigma 

*When all else fails, paint your nails<3

Miss product episode #2

My girlfriend swore by the Daily Cream Facial Cleanser from Yes to Carrots. I was so hyped to try this. I think I forgot to ask her what kind of skin she had. This cleanser is for DRY skin, something I defiantly don't have. I have VERY VERY VERY OILY and acne prone skin. This was defiantly not for me. It broke me out. After I would use it, it made my face feel tight and that I needed to put about 10 pounds of moisturizer on. I do love how this companies products are 96% natural, paraffin free and petroleum free.

They do have a line called Say Yes to Tomatoes. This line is more targeted towards oily and acne prone skin.
They also have Say Yes to Cucumbers. This line is targeted towards irritated skin, is gentle, and soothes skin. 
Moral of the story... Get whats right for your skin type! 

*When all else fails, paint your nails <3

Monday, February 7, 2011

Miss products episode #1

I wanted to love this product so much... but my skin hated it. Origins VitaZing SPF 15 Energy-boosting moisturizer. This was like a tinted moisturizer that automatically gave me an even complexion. I was using that and just my Mineralized skin finish from MAC. I know its not the MSF that broke me out because I have been using that for about two years now. I wanted to love it so I tested it out for a week straight. Didn't wear anything on my face but that. HORRIBLE! Broke me out! Stupid me saw it in my drawer the other day and tried it again thinking maybe just maybe my skin will love it..... IT BROKE ME OUT WHAT A SURPRISE!
I am not saying this will happen to everyone. It claims to be a good product and it might be for you but not for me :(.
It is a daily moisturizer with a tint. It has SPF which is great and its anti-ageing.

Yes Nails!

So I went to get my nails done today and wanted to share with you guys!
I got permanent french. The girl who did them for me wrapped my nails and then put an acrylic tip for the french part. After all was done she put a UV Gel on to make them look shinny until I go back for a fill-in two weeks from today. All together I paid $45 (not including tip). They just look very classy and I like how they are my nails so it is not as damaging.

*When all else fails, paint your nails <3

Sunday, February 6, 2011


I bought my first YSL lipstick and I am in love! I got number 2 Sensual Silk. Talk about silky. I put this lipstick on as soon as I bought it and it felt like heaven! It is so silky and smooth and moisturizing. The color I got in like a muted pink. The packaging is super cute! I fell in love with the packaging just as much as the color! The packing is so luxurious. There is a mirror on the cover part so when you are applying your lipstick you can look in the mirror. I doubt this will be my last YSL lipstick. The only thing that would hold me back is the $34.00.

*When all else fails, paint your nails <3

Disclosure: This review is based on my own honest unbiased opinion of this product. You may or may not agree with my opinion. I was not paid to write this review.