Tuesday, November 30, 2010

BRONZER! not just for snookie

No Snookie did not, I repeat DID NOT invent bronzer. Bronzer is great to give you that natural looking glow from within. Not so cute when you just take a big brush and just brush it allllll over your face.  This cute glow you are going to have going on will not be harmful like tanning from the sun. You don't want to buy a bronzer too dark away from your natural skin tone, just enough to make it look healthy. These are some of my favorites from high end to drug store.
How to apply: 
  • You can use a big fluffly brush or an angled brush 
  • Dab the brush in your bronzer and to remove excess tap the brush or just dab it on the back of your hand
  • make a fishy face (my favorite face!)
  • apply to your cheekebones, chine, nose, and around your temple.
  • these are the two brushes I love to use


Socal Glow was one of my first bronzers. It is very pretty and glowy due to the iridescence to it. Plus you cant go wrong the packaging is supper cute! 

Mac bronzing powder in Golden. Classic, looks good on all skin tones. As you can see I have almost hit pan on this so I love it. Slightly darker than the socal but when you blend it in, it looks very natural.

Dior Bronze in Sunrise Party. This is beautiful but more of a blusher bronzer type. You can still apply it as a bronzer just on the outside of your face and as a blush on your cheeks so its like a two in one product. Cant go wrong its gorgeous.

NYC bronzing face powder in Sunny. Hit drugstore product. Very light natural bronzer. Very build able because it is light. My recommendation  is to use it with a heavy hand or a snookie hand I should say lol

Last but not least the beautiful Laguna by Nars. I have also did damage to this baby and hit pan.This bronzer just like the Mac one looks great on all skin tones even dark skin tones. Its just perfect. No chunky glitter or sparkles to it so you can feel comfortable putting it all over your face (as I do).

Milani anyone?

Drugstore products can be a hit or miss. I defiantly found a HIT HIT HIT! Milani Liquif'eye metallic eye pencil. A perfect, creamy, true to its name (liquified), eyeliner. Waterline safe, and great for that seductive glamours liner look. Comes in Five colors; black, brown, aqua, silver, and gold. I own the black & brown. I love these pencils and plan on getting the gold for the holidays!

01 Black
05 Brown
Both very workable, blendable, smearable, glideable and just perfect! Easy to find @ your local drug store! 
Not the best swatch but brown on top black on the bottom. 

A little Bare?

A while back I got into BareMineral makeup. I bought a kit from Sephora that came with the foundation itself, three brushes, and a primer. I have very oily skin and bought the Matt formula. The foundation is amazing very lightweight doesn't feel like I have pounds of makeup on and defiantly doesn't give you that caked look. It covers imperfections while making the skin look smooth and fresh. This is a mineral powder makeup so I wear it just for trips to starbucks, a quick shopping run, or just for a quick face.
This is the foundation packaging thats great! It comes with a sifter so it's not messy for all you OCD people out there lol. 

This is my set. 
This is the Flawless Face brush. It is a short handle brush. I grab this brush when I want just a simple coverage, nothing crazy but it is a build able coverage brush.

This is the Full Flawless Face brush. My personal favorite. It is bigger than the first one so I feel like I have more control of my makeup application. The bristles are more dense and I feel it give a more full coverage look (which I love).

This is the Max Coverage Concealer. Honestly I never used this brush. The foundation acts as a concealer for me so I use whatever brush I apply the foundation with and just run it under the eye. I don't have dark circles but I feel this brush would cover them well because it is a small and dense. It has synthetic bristles.

Prime Time foundation primer. I never used primer before. This came free in the kit so I figure what the heck lets try it out. I fell in LOVE LOVE LOVE with this primer so much that I went out and bought the full size so I don't run out. This one is oil free ( I have very oily/combination skin) and fragrance free. Primer acts as a base for your foundation. After you blend it in your skin and it dries you put your foundation on and it comes out smoother and more even. 

Monday, November 29, 2010

Please remove your makeup!

You get home from a late night out and you're so tired, the last thing on your mind is standing over the sink and properly removing your makeup. Well,... ITS A MUST! Other than waking up looking a hot mess, & having a dirty pillow, you can break out from your pores being clogged..You'r skin repairs itself at night and having that makeup on that you were to lazy to take off can make it difficult for your skin to breath.
I love love LOVE Ponds! Found at your local drug store for cheap! 
Massage a small amount onto your face (with clean hands), let it sit on your face for a minute or two and then just wipe it off with toilet paper. It doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy or feeling as if you just put a pound of lotion on your face. Your face will thank you when it feels fresh and clean and can BREATH!

Dark blush

I don't know about you guys but as fall and winter come along I feel like my blush becomes darker. As summer becomes a memory... So does your tan ladies! So I feel like a nice dark/warm color blush can defiantly come in handy. I wanted to share with you some of my "dark blush".

Mac Springshine Blush Ombre
Beautiful light brown mixed with very little iridescence.
Very blendable and build able to get just the right 
amount of darkness.

Mac Azalea Blossom Blush Ombre
Don't be afraid of the purple! 
beautifully blended in with the pink it comes out dark and plumy
& perfect! 

Nars Sin
Beautiful dark plum color. The sparkle is a bit chunky
but easy to work with when its blended onto your cheeks.
Mac Sweet as Coco
Just as it sounds. This color needs to be used with a light hand 
it can get very very dark but its beautiful if applied correctly, with a more
fluffy blush brush and a light hand.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

my blog intro

Hey guys! This is my first blogging experience and I am very very very excited.  I want to share with everyone my current obsessions, loves & just fun things i find out. Enjoy!