Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Support the cause!

Today December 1st is world Aids day.  Mac has an AIDS fund where whatever products you buy from the Viva Glam line is for their AIDS fund.  Macs Viva Glam program works as is, every Viva Glam lipstick, liglass or the kids cards that come out during the holiday season every single one of those sold 100% of the retails selling price goes to the Mac AIDS fund. The fund helps men,woman, and children living with hiv/aids. Mac always has fabulous celebrity spokes people to sponsor this fund. A lot of lines do that but they get some people that you would least expect.  From Missy Eliot, Christina Aguliara, Boy George, to Cyndi Lauper and Lady GaGa.  So wear your Viva Glam lipstick today and support the cause!
left: Lady GAGA
right: Cyndi Lauper 

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