Monday, December 27, 2010


I love love love nail polish. I decided to spoil myself with some Chanel polishes. The Black Pearl polish is the first one I put on and I love it. Its like a gun metal color, thats very in right now. It kinda looks green but thats just the pearlised black looks. The application is easy, the pay off is great, and its worth investing money in them. The ones i purchased are

Black Pearl 513 ( that i have one)
Paradoxal 509
Vendetta 483

They are very pricey but If you invest in the right colors they will last. 

*I will be posting pictures up of the other colors once I change Black Pearl ( which will probably be soon because I want to try them out =)

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  1. Oh, my daughter would love that!

    Stopping by to follow from the Thursday blog hop! Hope you can come follow back when you get a chance! Lots of great healthy and ecofriendly giveaways to enter!