Saturday, December 4, 2010

Magic Fix

Fix + by Mac. This is by far the best product ever invented. Everyone should defiantly have this on their vanity. I use Fix + after I apply my primer and before I put my foundation on. It just seems to help the makeup adhere to your skin smoother. I also like to spray fix plus after my makeup is set to help the makeup stay in place during the day, and also just to give it that finished look. Fix plus can be used for a lot more! When your eyeshadow looks amazing but all it needs is your upper lash line lined spray a little fix plus on your brush and your favorite eyeshadow instantly becomes a creamy consistency, and a cream liner.  If you have eyeshadow that you want to make look metallic spray a little fix plus on your brush, dip your brush into your favorite eyeshadow, and instantly it looks like a different color.

The bottle is super chic. It has a cap to twist to make sure no product comes out if you keep it in your purse to refresh your face during the day! 

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  1. I love love love my fix best thing I've ever bought well one of the best. Love you ddolls.