Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cold weather has you feeling dry?

This cold weather is driving my skin insane! These are some things I use to help moisturize my skin in the winter time...

  • Aveeno active naturals Daily moisturizing lotion. I like to use this all over. I love it because its fragrance free. I hate the smelly ones because I feel like they interfere with my perfume. This is very moisturizing and it's not greasy. Leaves my hands and skin feeling very soft! I use this all day long when I feel my hands getting dry.

  • Gold Bond body lotion Triple Action Relief for extra dry & itchy skin. My feet get very very dry in the winter time and I put this stuff only on my feet. It smells bad but after its dry my feet and toes look like they were never cracked up. It has aloe & vitamin E that helps sooth and cool the dryness. If you can get past the smell it works! 

  • Aquaphor healing ointment. This is for dry cracked irritated skin it says. I only use this around my knuckles and cuticle area. I also only use this when I know I wont have to touch anything or I can put little gloves on to keep the moisture locked in. Its very greasy and not easy to work with because it doesn't dry so fast, BUT, it really does work I see a difference in my cuticles and knuckles.

  • For my lips I love my Carmex or my EOS ball (I did a blog post on those you can check them out down below). These keep my lips very moisturized and I never have to worry about cracked lips in the winter. 

  • Rare Minerals purely nourishing facial moisturizer. This is my favorite and first face moisturizer I have used and I love it and will stick with it for a while. It leaves my face feeling soft and not greasy. I have seen a difference in my skin it does look more healthy with this.

So those are just a few things I use in this cold weather to help keep my skin fresh, soft, and moisturized! 

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