Monday, December 13, 2010

Have 7 seconds?

So I have extremely oily hair. SUCKS THE BIG ONE! I usually have to wash my hair every day to look like a normal person and not one who hasn't washed their hair in about 7 weeks... yes 7 weeks! So my wonderful bf (who is a hair stylist) introduced me to this wonderful dry shampoo.  Unite Eurotherapy 7seconds Dry Shampoo. Now I have tried other dry shampoo products and they either leave my hair looking white, no volume, and just not feeling clean just a little less oily. This 7seconds of heaven gives my hair volume, makes it feel fresh, and clean! One thing I love is there is a small little ball when you shake it (not sure what its called) and thats why you don't get that white stuff just all over your hair & I love the smell. I know you can  get this from the Unite website (, and while you are on the website check the salons in your area that sell this product. I got mine from C3 salon!


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