Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Joy!

Yes, yes I have a problem! This is my new pride and joy... my nails polish rack! It holds about 60 polishes, but maybe more depending on the bottles. I love this, It's so perfect and easy to pick out a color and see your collection. This was about $20 and I got it off of eBay, you can just search nail polish racks and a bunch will come up.

I also wanted to share with you guys this cool thing I found at Michaels Craft store...

It is perfect to hold watched or bracelets. Easy to display your jewelry, no more searching, and best of all your stuff doesn't get all tangled together. I think this was about $10-$15, but Michaels always runs sales.


  1. I love both those things! I can use both of those things!! Thank you for sharing that! Right now I have my nail polish in a big basket and can not see all of them! This is a great way to see ALL of them!! =)

  2. Hey Patti! I had my nail polishes the same way and I forgot how many great colors I had. Now I can see them all! Thanks for checking out my blog

  3. Cuuuute nail polish rack!

    Following you from a blog hop :o)