Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Beauty Tips & Tricks

I wanted to share some of my personal beauty tips & tricks that I use. You may already know them or do them but I just thought I could share!

  • Eyeshadow. I always apply my eyeshadow before I do my foundation. You tend to get fall out from the color of your shadow onto your cheeks and under your eye. After you worked so hard on putting on your foundation you would have to wipe all that shadow off and ruin your foundation.  So it's a lot less stressful if you do your eye makeup first.
  • Got plastic bags laying around the house? Keep them in your room next to your favorite lotion. I like to lather on my favorite lotion all over my feet and then put the plastic bags over my feet, tie it, and keep it on for a few hours if you're not doing anything. Who wants to have ugly feet? Flip flop season is around the corner! 
  • Lets hope you brush your teeth in the morning & at night. Don't get lazy, after your done run your tooth brush around your lips a few times and brush them. YES BRUSH YOUR LIPS! This will remove dead skin and will help with chapped lips. A cheap exfoliater. Then just apply your favorite lip balm. 
  • If you have a setting spray like Macs Fix+, spray some on your face before applying foundation. Also spray some on your foundation brush. Dab your foundation on the areas you need with your CLEAN fingers then buff it out with your foundation brush, that you sprayed already. This seems to give me a flawless finish.
  • WATER WATER WATER. Its your best friend! It keeps your skin hydrated. You will notice a difference in your skin, your hair, and in your overall health. If your not drinking water START NOW! 
Hope my ramble is helpful! Enjoy! 

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