Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Benift Box Blush

Benefit's "box-o-powders" are amazing! The packaging is super cute and the pay off is amazing. I have 3 out of 8. Whatever shade or color you get comes with a cute little blush applicator. I usually don't like smell to my makeup but all these blushes have a scent to them. Its like a light perfume smell. Bearable.  I have 
 Coralista (coral pink)
            Sugarbomb (mix of peach/rose/shimmering pink/soft plum)
            Bella Bamba (watermelon pink)
Also Hoola is really nice to use as a bronzer but I don't have that one YET.

left to right
La Bella. Sugarbomb. Coralista. 

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