Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I love Mac shadows. They are what I started with and I use them everyday one way or another. They have much to offer with all the shades available. They are very pigmented and easy to work with and blend like a dream.  I like to keep my Mac shadows all together in a pallet. The pallets I use you can buy at any Mac store It is about $15 and then you can depot your shadows and put them in or you can just buy the shadow in pan form. These are some of my shadows in the pallet...
I don't keep them in any order I just like to have them all together. These are the main shadows that I think are a must have in your makeup collection. 

 Sketch-Brown burgundy with a reddish undertone

Naked Lunch-  Light white/pink shimmer

Vanilla- Ivory with gold reflects

All that Glitters- Shimmer pink pearl

Satin Taup- A brown taup with flects of silver

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  1. Unique colors!
    Angela & Angelica