Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bare Minerals Well Rested!

If you are looking to brighten up your under eye area this is great! If you want that Kim Kardashian glow under the eyes this does it for you. Bare Minerals Well Rested is amazing! First off I love their Shifter jar it keeps the product in place and you don't waste any. You can use this for so many things like you can a lot of Bare Mineral products. I use this to set my concealer. You can also use this on its own to cover up dark circles so you don't need to use it with concealer because it would act like one. You can also use this as a highlight or eye shadow for an even more brighting affect. It's a multidimensional purpose products. I use it with a Mac 225 brush


  1. Hi Mia, nice site from a fellow beauty lover! I'm a new follower from the Wed. Winter Friends Blog Hop. Hope you'll visit my blog and follow back.

    Mary B. (Nuts 4 Stuff)

  2. Hi Mia, thank you for stopping by my blog today on the Sunday hop. I'm following your blog now.
    I think I could use some of this Bare Minerals well rested! I have never tried a mineral makeup before but I hear all good things.

  3. Its great for those days that you do not get much sleep! Thanks for following me! love yours!