Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Glosses of the month

My two favorite cant live without glosses this month are one drug store and one splurge.
Dior Ultra Gloss in Flash 756 ($26.50)
Revlon Colorburst 002 Crystal Lilac ($7.99)
  • Both beautiful 
  • non sticky 
  • great pigmentation
  • Dior has a crush applicator
  • Revlon has a perfect sponge applicator that is curved to fit your lips

  • Dior has perfect sparkle flecks in it, just enough to catch the light when you move. They are very fine glitters with a red sheen.
  • Revlon is the perfect baby pink gloss to top off any pink lipstick, or great on its own. It has a golden undertone that makes the pink just pop! 


  1. I love the light glosses so that revlon one looks perfect. Next time I'm in the store I'll have to grab it and try it out!


  2. Kate its sooooo nice.... if you find it try the other colors also! I had a hard time finding this one