Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hunt for Flats....

So I am always on the hunt for new flats. I am the worst when it comes to shoes in general. I love my sneakers, flip flops, and Uggs.

Now I wish I can wear these sexy 5inch Christian Louboutin...

But regardless lets talk about flats...
I have my eye on these beautiful Snake Print Caroline Ballet Flats by Tory Burch...
These go for $225. Now I honestly wouldn't mind spending the money on these because the back looks like it wouldn't leave that scare from walking and rubbing on your skin.

Now the original Tory Burch look like they would hurt me...
These are the classic Reva ballet flats ($195).

Now Mossimo that is sold at Target has very very very comfortable flats, and cute.
Now I have these and I only paid $12.58 lol. I run from flats to flats with in three months so thats why I always think twice about buying expensive shoes.

I just ordered these cute flats also from Target and also by Mossimo
They are $9.00. I liked that they are purple and have the flower details. I wear a lot of black so the purple will give an outfit a good pop of color. 

What kind of flats do you wear? Where do you get them from? What brand are they? HELP ME OUT! hehe

*When all else fails, paint your nails <3 


  1. I am a heels gal and would tell you to step outside your comfort zone and go for the sexy 5inch Christian Louboutin's! Those shoes are to die for!!!

  2. Well, I own the 5 inch numbers you have here and I would live in these if I could. My favorite flats are actually Todd's but I can't wear them unless it happens to be for travelling because I have lived more of my life in heels and my arches don't like flats. You have some cute ones listed here though so I may rethink them.