Thursday, March 31, 2011

BH cosmetics

So there was a promo going on with BH cosmetics where you can make you own 15 color palette. I never tried BH cosmetics before so I figured this is the perfect time. It was kinda hard to pick the eye shadow colors online because the colors seem so flat but I did a pretty good job.
I love the packaging how sleek and just simple it is I was very surprised with that.
This is my palette and all the colors I picked. 
The mirror is amazing and huge and I love it.
The back of the palette is magnetic and so are the eye shadow pans themselves. This is great because if you run out of a color or don't like a color and want to replace it you can just pop it out and put in the new color. 

These are swatches of the 15 colors I picked. For the most part I got neutral colors. I did pick the purple and pink that are more "fun" colors. I am not as happy as those colors as I am with the rest. They are very pigmented and also very soft and just easy to blend. 
The shipping was super fast and I was happy with that because I hate waiting for packages. 

I also got a blush palette

*When all else fails, paint your nails <3

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  1. What are the numbers of these eyeshadow colours?