Tuesday, March 8, 2011


"Back to Mac" is a recycling program. You can take 6 empty used up products or containers to a Mac counter for a lipstick, or a Mac store of a lipglass, lipstick, or eye shadow. The whole idea is to recycle more instead of throwing out your used up makeup. The program exclude viva glam products because they are for charity. You can only "Back to Mac," Mac products. You cant take back your back to Mac products. Like if you get a lipstick from recycling other products you cant take that lipstick back. Get it? They scribble on the bottom of your back to Mac products so they know. THEY KNOW!!!!!

What counts for back to mac is basically anything with plastic.. DUHH YOU'RE RECYCLING!
This includes: eye shadows, foundations, lipsticks, lipglosses, fix+, Mac wipes, and mechanical eye pencils.
They don't take back Kohl eye liners because they have wood base to them so thats a NO NO.

You can "back to Mac" more than 6 products at a time. I usually save my sets of 6 products and take them back when I accumulate a lot so I can get a bunch of eye shadows.
Here is what I got...

TEXTURE velvet
A good transition color. It's a peachy brown tone color. Very pretty. Many makeup artist use this to blend out colors between shadows.

PATINA frost
This is a goldy bronze. I love this color. It is so nice all over the lid of your eye.
Defiantly my favorite Mac shadow and I don't know why I never owned this.

FOLIE satin
A very deep reddish brown. Beautiful for a crease color.

Hope this "Back to Mac"/mini haul helped you guys! 

*When all else fails, paint your nails <3


  1. That last color looks nice! Can you tell me what color to get of i want to imitate Halle Berry's Oscar eyeshadow?

  2. looks like a smokey brown. Try to use a medium brown and just smoke it out. Maybe even if you have a brown eye liner pencil smudge it on your lid. Let me know if it works

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