Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Shellac? What the heck?

So I have been hearing about this Shellac for a while now. The good and the bad. Honestly only the bad, but hey I wanted to try it for myself.
At my nail salon they do OPI Shellac.
This is basically a no chip manicure. No fake nails applied just your actually nail manicure with a twist.
On average this no chip Shellac will last for about two weeks.
My salon did have a good  range of OPI polishes to choose from.
It was $25.
The process was a bit more "dramatic" than a regular nail polish.
I did a french manicure for a bit of a change. 
I am really loving it but this is just a few hours into the manicure. I am always using my hands for something and my polish usually chips after the second or third day. 
I will post pictures and keep you guys updated to actually see if this last two weeks.

  • My nails were painted similar to a regular manicure
  • One at a time my nails were placed under a UV light "baked" as I say
  • The UV light dries the polish instantly NO DRYING! YAY! (BEST PART)
  • The process of keeping it under the UV light took about 10 minutes then I was out the door 


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  3. My salon has a "gel" manicure. Is this the same thing?

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