Sunday, May 8, 2011

Shellac update!

I am a little late with my Shellac update, but I am happy to tell you guys that I LOVED IT!
My french Shellac manicure stayed on for 8 days!
No chip, no fuss, NOTHING!
I am sure it could have lasted long but if you have been following my blog I get very bored and paint my nails like every two day lol.
I would defiantly recommend this if you find a good salon that does it and also maybe if you are going away on vacation because it will last!

day 1

day 3


day 7

day 8

I missed days of pictures because it looked the same but you all get the point!

When all else fails, paint your nails<3


  1. dying to try this and never even get manicures! how much is it compared to conventional manicures?

  2. It defiantly is a treat for yourself. I think it might depend on your salons prices so I don't want to tell you one thing and then you find out another price. TREAT YOURSELF!