Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tinted moisturizer

Battle of the tinted moisturizers. I have tried many many tinted moisturizers and the many many that I have tried broke me out. I went into Sephora with the intention to try a Tarte tinted moisturizer. I asked a worker if the Tarte one was good for oily skin and her answer was yes. She asked me if she can show me some other things so I said sure why not.
She showed me the Sephora brand tinted moisturizer with FPS 20 and oil free.
Its $22.
It doesn't feel greasy when you put it on. It blends with your skin perfectly.
It doesn't have much coverage but I always set it with MAC's MSF.
I love that it has a pump because you don't waste products.
The staying power to this even if there isn't a lot of coverage is defiantly more than 8 hours.
Best part of this is it did not break me out! YAY!
My color is Medium 26 Peach.

Tinted moisturizers are great for the summer. They even out your skin tone without feeling like you are packing on tones of makeup in the heat. I sweat a lot and I hate wearing making in the summer but I know I need some sort of coverage. This is why I love tinted moisturizers and I found this one just in time! 

*When all else fails, paint your nails <3



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