Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cucumber eye treatments...So In the past

Have you ever put cold cucumbers on your eyes? I have and they kept falling off so I just ate the.
In my Birch box for the month of August I received 
Wei Tibetan Chrysanthemum correcting eye treatment pads.

2 packs of 2 pads each was sent in my Birch Box. These pads retain for $60 for 20 packs of 2 pads.

In the back it reads; 
  • Tibetan Chrysanthemum diminishes the appearance of puffiness by awakening the skin with energy flow.
  • Mulberry leaves minimize the appearance of dark circles 
  • Eyes look well-rested after only 10 minutes
  • Allergy and dermatologist tested 
  • Intended for all skin types 
I honestly did notice a difference after I used the pads. I left them on my eyes for 15 minutes. It felt cool and I don't know if it was the smell but it also calmed me a bit. 
I would purchase these eye treatment pads. 

Now if you wanna scare away your significant other just follow them around the house with them on....
look like a mummy, but these are the pads.

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