Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A little Bare?

A while back I got into BareMineral makeup. I bought a kit from Sephora that came with the foundation itself, three brushes, and a primer. I have very oily skin and bought the Matt formula. The foundation is amazing very lightweight doesn't feel like I have pounds of makeup on and defiantly doesn't give you that caked look. It covers imperfections while making the skin look smooth and fresh. This is a mineral powder makeup so I wear it just for trips to starbucks, a quick shopping run, or just for a quick face.
This is the foundation packaging thats great! It comes with a sifter so it's not messy for all you OCD people out there lol. 

This is my set. 
This is the Flawless Face brush. It is a short handle brush. I grab this brush when I want just a simple coverage, nothing crazy but it is a build able coverage brush.

This is the Full Flawless Face brush. My personal favorite. It is bigger than the first one so I feel like I have more control of my makeup application. The bristles are more dense and I feel it give a more full coverage look (which I love).

This is the Max Coverage Concealer. Honestly I never used this brush. The foundation acts as a concealer for me so I use whatever brush I apply the foundation with and just run it under the eye. I don't have dark circles but I feel this brush would cover them well because it is a small and dense. It has synthetic bristles.

Prime Time foundation primer. I never used primer before. This came free in the kit so I figure what the heck lets try it out. I fell in LOVE LOVE LOVE with this primer so much that I went out and bought the full size so I don't run out. This one is oil free ( I have very oily/combination skin) and fragrance free. Primer acts as a base for your foundation. After you blend it in your skin and it dries you put your foundation on and it comes out smoother and more even. 

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  1. I love Bare Minerals makeup as well. I use it for the every day and for the nights out. And my skin looks better now, too. I recently got introduced to the "heavenly face brush." It has a flat top so it feels like you are really spreading the powder around nice and even. Great coverage.
    P.S. Loving your blog!